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Getting calls about building 2,000 s.f. custom homes and up in Ford’s Colony, Williamsburg, VA

I am glad to see that “I might be on to something” as one fella said on the phone. I have such a desire to help folks by building small quality built homes in the wonderful Ford’s Colony neighborhood or any other lot you want a quality home built on. I see such a need for this and want to fill the need. I have been working on floor plans to fit this idea and also updating my builder’s package to be able to mail out to out of town-ers that would like to learn more about Kimberly Builders. I am even talking with customers from almost 20 years ago who have become dear friends of mine. They also are talking about reducing the square footage of their homes by building one of our smaller plans. It’s exciting to see this direction starting to take off. They are even sharing it with their friends and family members. One caller loved the idea and was going to share with his adult son the possibilities of living in Ford’s Colony in a 2,500 s.f. home (2000 1st floor, 500 bonus room) because he wanted to downsize.
let me know how I can help you downsize and keep on living the lifestyle you love as we age gracefully together.757-880-9321